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Aon Hewitt logoArticle by Meredith Avant

Just before Christmas break, the National Honor Society at Vance High School received Christmas a week early.

On Dec. 14, the members of Vance High School’s Honor Society created a presentation to share with the leadership team at Aon Hewitt to request help in funding the cost of the National Honor Society pins, which many students could not afford on their own.

Aon Hewitt is a provider of human capital and management consulting and has an office just across IBM Drive from Vance. The students were encouraged to create a presentation that explained their needs and how the money from Aon Hewitt would help them purchase pins and support the program.

After the presentation, the students were presented with a check for $3,000!

This partnership was a success for both parties. AON got an opportunity to interact with Vance High School students and support students’ academic achievements. But those who benefited the most were the students, as they had to hone their presentation skills, engage with business and, of course, secure support for much deserved National Honor Society pins – badges they will truly wear with honor thanks to AON.

About Meredith AvantMeredith is a UNC Charlotte senior majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations.

National Honor Society induction

Vance High’s National Honor Society inducts new members in January.

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