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Rob Rogers, right, addresses business at the University City Connect kickoff event last year.

Rob Rogers, right, recognizes school leaders at the University City Connect kickoff event last year.

Article by Meredith Avant

If you live, work, play or learn in University City, you probably know about our very busy Chick-fil-A at University Place. But do you know about all of the magic that our Chick-fil-A has made happen for our University City community?

Owner Rob Rogers is a giant champion for Ucity. For years, the restaurant has helped our community with meals and donations to civic clubs and schools. Three years ago, Rob decided that he could do more, and better, for our youth in Ucity — and he has. Rob rallied local businesses to engage with our four Governors Village schools.

He is a guy who radiates energy and enthusiasm, and it’s contagious. Three years later, dozens of Ucity businesses have stepped in to lend their hands and hearts to our students. But that’s just one of Rob’s many efforts to do more and better.

Rob encourages participants at the 2015 Governors Village 5K

Rob encourages participants at the 2015 Governors Village 5K

Rob has created, sponsored and produced the Chick-fil-A Governors Village 5K & Fun Run. This event supports scholarships to Governors Village students plus provides money for each principal’s discretionary use. This year’s event is April 16 (LEARN MORE).

Leader Academy helps Vance and Mallard Creek High students

Rob has also created a Leader Academy for Vance and Mallard Creek High Schools. The Leader Academy is a joint effort with ADDO, a Georgia-based company that helps businesses craft programs for leadership and social good.

Students in the Leader Academy are learning service leadership skills, communication leadership, vision-casting and many other skills that benefit them and their community. Through a kick-off event at the beginning of the school year, a “December Gives Back” event and a Community Impact Project in the spring, these students continuously impact our community.

“This program is a way for our students to invest in their personal development to then benefit others in the community, that’s really what this is all about,” Rob says.

Ucity and Ucity Connect celebrate this giant champion—today and every day.

• About Meredith Avant – Meredith is a UNC Charlotte senior majoring in communications with a concentration in public relations.

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