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Charlotte Teacher Early College to Give Future Educators a Head Start

First day at Charlotte Teacher Early College

Students are welcomed to the first day at Charlotte Teacher Early College

The first students to start school on the UNC Charlotte campus this fall are not undergraduates, but 55 high school freshman. On Monday, Aug. 7, UNC Charlotte welcomed the inaugural class of the Charlotte Teacher Early College (CTEC), a new five-year program for Charlotte-Mecklenburg students interested in a career in education.

The only program of its kind in North Carolina and one of the first in the country, the early college will immerse students in intentional field-based learning activities. Coursework will develop knowledge and skills required for success in today’s diverse urban classrooms.

Students will graduate with a high school diploma, a Certificate of Advanced Standing in Education and a minimum of 60 hours in course credits transferrable to any public institution in North Carolina. (more…)

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