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The Vance Cougar Marching Band will blow you away!

Vance Cougar Marching Band

Vance Cougar Marching Band

Halftime means showtime for the Vance Cougar Marching Band and its Ladies of Elegance Dance Line. And, hey, what a show! “Eye-catching dance moves, catchy chants, and bob-your-head, rock-your-body music that gets into your soul,” says its director.

Catch the next performance at 7 pm Friday at the Vance High football field!

More words really don’t do this band justice, even coming from band director Jared Davis. Seeing is understanding, so we highly recommend that you watch and hear one of Davis’s favorite videos, of the band’s award-winning performance at this fall’s Spirit of the Cardinal Battle of the Bands(more…)

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