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Vance students at Aon Hewitt

Aon Hewitt employees share career information with Vance High students

On Thursday, December 8th, 27 Vance High School students visited Aon Hewitt in University Research Park to spend time learning what it means to be in the workforce.

Students learned about Aon and broke into small groups to talk about a few different areas of the Aon business, such as sales, customer service, and payroll.  Aon colleagues from each respective area discussed what it means to work in each area along with what makes a colleague successful.

Students also spent time talking about Business & Cyber Etiquette:  exploring the potential impacts of social media on their future careers. 

Colleagues from different points in their careers also shared their Career Stories with the students, helping them understand how the colleague obtained their current role and what has contributed to their success.

Vance High students get an overview of working at Aon Hewitt

Finally, students spent time with Aon HR staff discussing how businesses work to support colleagues once they enter the workforce through benefits, continuous learning, and performance management processes.

Both Aon colleagues and the Vance students thoroughly enjoyed the time together.  When asked what they learned from the event, students offered varying responses about the information reviewed, but the most impactful was that the door was opened for them to see the opportunities lying before them when they are ready to step into the workforce.

– Laura Ray, Aon Hewitt

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